There’s something to be said for keeping it in the family…

Three brothers, Dan, John and Matt Baron create the genetic make up of FINN. With ear haunting melodies and clever rhythms, FINN creates unique soundscapes, leaving audiences with an eerie sense of human synchronicity. 



The trio has long shared a passion for music. Raised under the same roof, growing up cutting their teeth on albums ranging from the guitar styling of Wes Montgomery to the blood boiling screams of Story of the Year. Their eclectic musical influences explain the band’s quirky yet comprehensible sound.



FINN is unlikely to stay put— FINN has been invited to play a host of Canadian showcases including Pop Montreal, CMW, Big Fun Festival, Festival du Voyageur, Dauphin Countryfest to name a few.

“It’s dreamers’ music, perfectly timed” – Grayowl Point